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Pre-Divore Exploration

There is no denying that divorce is a big step for any couple – no matter how long you’ve been married.

Couple's Coaching

We take a good look at your overall familial situations and advise you on best practices for achieving your goals and more.

Divorce Litigation &
Emotional Support

Our services provide a hybrid of encouragement that lifts you up & objective advice that can keep you grounded.

Co-Parenting Support

With Sharp Divorce Coaching, you can be the successful co-parent you were always meant to be.



She has a passion for families and in my case in particularly, has gone the extra mile.
Lindsey is personable. She speaks to you as if you are friends, she knows about your children, she focuses on what matters and encourages what’s best for the child, even if in the …
Sylvia Trevino
Lindsey is smart, professional, and gave me great advice. Most importantly helped me navigate very complicated issues.
Joe N.
I’m now co-parenting with confidence and enjoying my life after my divorce because of your help. Thank you – There truly is life after divorce!
Sandi W.

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Latest Blogs

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Executing Your Game Plan: Tips on Communication and Making it Through the Emotional Stages of Your Divorce.

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