woman talking to therapistWith time and consistency come better results. The same can be said about practicing healthy habits during a divorce. The longer you work at creating practical and healthy habits, the easier it becomes to cling to those habits and let go of any emotional damage or inability to make confident decisions.

It’s because of this that Sharp Divorce Coaching offers divorce coaching packages. This design helps clients really visualize where they are on their own journey and what the next logical steps are.

Sharp Divorce Journey Packages

The coaching services from Sharp Divorce Coaching really resemble a journey that supports someone from the onset of feeling like divorce is imminent and guiding them on their own unique path.

  • Step 1 – Couples Coaching
    If you think that divorce may be imminent, but no one in the relationship wants a divorce, the couples coaching may be for you. Couples’ coaching is aimed at identifying areas of contention and resolving those issues using reason and logic. Instead of approaching emotions first like a therapist would, we help couples take a more tactical stance to getting along and saving their marriage.
  • Step 2 – Pre-Divorce Coaching
    If Couples Coaching is not successful, or if you are already past the desire to save the relationship, pre-divorce coaching may be for you. This coaching is designed to help you understand what divorce may look like, what to expect and in order to prepare yourself properly in a strategic way.
  • Step 3 – Divorce Coaching
    When the storm clouds roll in and divorce is inevitable or in the beginning phases, you will need administrative and emotional support to stay focused, organized and stable. With a focus on litigation preparation and emotional support, divorce coaching helps you set clear goals and take a step-by-step approach to get you through the chaos of divorce and to the other side with the support you need to be successful in your life after divorce.
  • Step 4 – Co-Parenting Coaching
    If you have children, divorce can be devastating and traumatic for them. It all depends on how their parents interact and the experience that their parents give them during that time. With children comes a lifelong connection to your soon-to-be ex. Co-parenting coaching helps you and your family or blended families co-exist peacefully and in a way that has the children’s best interests at heart.

Divorce Coaching Packages Optimize the Experience

When you are able to take advantage of more than one divorce coaching service, you can have a longer term and optimized experience by practicing healthy habits for a longer time. Because of this, you can extract greater value from your full experience.

For example, if you start with couples coaching you will know that you entered into the divorce with a clear mind and clear goals and have done all you can to create a peaceful and productive experience for you and your children.

You only have one chance to navigate a divorce; it’s invaluable to your quality of life to do so healthily. By getting as much help as possible, you are giving yourself and your future the best chances of stable happiness in years to come.

Maximize Your Investment With a Divorce Package

By bundling your divorce coaching services in a package, you can save money by mitigating the need for additional attorney services because if you and your significant other can agree on more and get through the process with less fighting, drama and money spent. In addition, with divorce coaching comes the ability to make your own confident decisions, stay organized and have a source of emotional support. Because of this, money spent on clinical therapy or child/family therapy may not be necessary.

Sharp Divorce Coaching also offers a discount on multiple bundled services, so between the value extracted from a longer-term engagement and the financial savings, it is the most logical decision to engage in more than one divorce coaching services.

About Sharp Divorce Coaching

Lindsey Sharp has been helping people navigate the journey of divorce for the last 15 years, both as an attorney and as a virtual divorce coach. She knows first-hand the myriad of emotions and challenges that face a newly divorced spouse.

If you are ready to start engaging in divorce coaching and are looking for emotional support in this area, contact Sharp Divorce Coaching for a free consultation.