The Five Stages of Divorce Grieving – part 4: Depression

Welcome to my 4th installment in my 5-part series entitled The Five Stages of Divorce Grieving. In this blog, I will discussing depression. At the outset of this topic, it's important to take a moment to discuss what depression is and what it isn't, or more accurately, how it may manifest in your life. I'm not a licensed counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Therefore, I'm not addressing depression from a Read More

The Five Stages of Divorce Grieving – part 2: Anger is Progress

What's your bird style? Mine was criticized as not aggressive enough, which pissed me off. Welcome to my 2nd installment in my blog series, The Five Stages of Divorce Grieving, entitled "Anger is Progress." This blog took a long time for me to conceptualize. I knew I had to address anger, but it's complicated. So, like anyone uncomfortable with anything complicated, I avoided it. I made excuses not to discuss it. Read More

The Five Stages of Divorce Grieving – part 1: Denial is not just a river in Egypt

As an undergrad studying psychology, I took a class called "Death & Dying." Early on in the class, we were introduced to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' work and her five stages of grieving the loss of a loved one. Many moons later, as a divorce attorney, I have incorporated her work into my law practice. Divorce feels very similar to the death of a loved one. Divorce is the death of a shared vision of the future, the Read More

The 4 Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalypse – Call the Counselor!

We made it through another 4-part series discussing the four Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalypse. In this context the four Horsemen are the four statistical indicators for a long-term, successful marriage. The apocalypse is of course, divorce. To refresh, the three other Horsemen are: a minimum of 2 years of serious dating, marrying after at least age 28, not living together prior to marriage, and now engaging in Read More

The 4 Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalypse…Unshackle the Shack-up!

Add living together to the list of things that seemed right at the time. Welcome to my 3rd post in this blog series, "The 4 Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalyspe . . . Unshackle the Shack-up!" This post comes with a trigger warning. This post may offend some of you who are or have at one point lived with a boyfriend or girlfriend. In the interest of full-disclosure, I have lived with two boyfriends in the past. One of Read More

The Four Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalypse . . . Age Appropriate

Welcome to my second post in the series "The Four Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalypse . . . Age Appropriate." To review my first post, click here .  In this post, I'll discuss the evidence based, heavily researched and analyzed, studied for many years, scientifically determined and empirically measured minimal age to marry Read More

The 4 Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalypse… Good Things Come in Pairs

Longer Dating brings smiles and information . . . Welcome to my newest blog series entitled, “The 4 Horsemen to avoid an Apocalypse!” In this series, I’ll discuss the four statistical phenomena correlating to a long-term, and happy marriage. This first blog title, “Good Things Come in Pairs,” is a Chinese proverb and interestingly enough, at traditional Chinese wedding ceremonies, the symbol (which can be found Read More

A Divorce Attorney/Coach Walks Into a Wedding… Welcome to the Famdamily!

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life being judged by your mother.” "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." Genesis 2:24 Welcome to my 4th and final blog post series entitled, “A Divorce Attorney/Coach Walks Into a Wedding.” In this post, I’d like to welcome my readers to the Famdamily! We’ll be discussing mothers, Read More

A Divorce Coach/Attorney Walks Into A Wedding… part 3 – Welcome Superego (not referring to me, of course)!

The more we push, the more they withdraw - so typical! Welcome to my penultimate post in my 4-part series, a “Divorce Coach/Lawyer Walks Into A Wedding”. In this post, I’ll discuss conflict and reveal some insight into why most of the arguments we have with our spouse are an unproductive use of time and energy. To review my 2 prior posts in this series, click . The Read More

A Divorce Coach/Attorney Walks Into A Wedding…

Set the table to nurture both your wedding guests and marriage. Welcome to my 2nd post in this series of 4 entitled “A Divorce Coach/Attorney Walks Into A Wedding….” You can find my 1st post by clicking , where I discussed the theory that Marriage is a Contract. In this related post, I’ll discuss the term of the contract. Yes, I used term in the singular because there is Read More