Co-Parenting Support Coaching

Fulfilling Your Role as Co-Parent

Any spouse going through a divorce who also has children must be aware of the other relationship awaiting them on the other side of family court: the co-parenting relationship.

The issue of parenting plans is always the most delicate and consequential part of any divorce. To help you deal with that, we can provide emotional support for you while your divorce is active. When the dust has cleared, you have a responsibility to your kids to provide a loving and stable home environment as a co-parent.

There is a lot that goes into being a successful co-parent. When you consider all that you went through during your marriage and divorce process, the thought of sharing your greatest assets with your ex can be emotionally shattering. While there is a chance that you will be awarded sole parental responsibility and majority timesharing, judges often strongly encourage having the involvement of both parents in the child’s life.

With Sharp Divorce Coaching, you can be the successful co-parent you were always meant to be. It might be difficult—even painful—having to communicate with your ex, we can make it a little easier with our coaching. Additionally, we can reduce the possibility of ending back up in court when your custody arrangement isn’t working out.

Let us help you nail the whole co-parenting thing—book a free consultation with us today.