Divorce Litigation & Emotional Support

Your Anchor During the Storm

There is nothing abnormal about feeling apprehensive, nervous, or downright scared before your divorce officially begins. Even with a significant amount of preparation, there are a lot of unknowns that present themselves throughout the process. All of this is on top of the fact that your day-to-day routine is about to be seriously upended for a good chunk of time.

While your attorney might be willing to provide emotional and mental support when possible, that is not his or her primary purpose. When you retain our services for emotional support during the actual divorce process, you are able to compartmentalize the various professionals involved in your divorce. With Sharp Divorce Coaching, you can let your attorney handle the legal side while leaning on us for emotional support and guidance during this major life event.

Our Divorce Litigation & Emotional Support services provide you with a hybrid of encouragement that lifts you up and objective advice that can keep you grounded. Those are the hallmarks of an effective coach, and that’s what we offer.

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