financial planning diagramIt seems as though major life changes are expensive. Weddings are expensive, purchasing your first home is expensive, having children is undoubtedly expensive. Divorces are also expensive, but not just in the traditional sense. You can’t write one check and be done with the financial aspect of the situation; there are many financial considerations during the end of a marriage that will greatly affect your life after the fact. When you’ve never been divorced (and even if you have), it can be difficult to see what life will be like afterwards and how you can get to the life you desire.

Divorce coaching provides the financial decision-making guidance you need in order to have the most stability after your case is final. The services a divorce coach provides are more unique than that of an accountant or financial planner, focusing on smart and sensible day-to-day decisions that will prepare you as best as possible for your new life.

Divorce coaches help you stay financially organized

Divorce requires organization. If you are not organized with your finances, you are more susceptible to being taken advantage of by an ex or their attorney. It’s vital to have visibility into all shared assets so you can determine with your legal team what is fair when it is time to divide the belongings. A divorce coach will make sure that you have all your basic financial documentation organized and will help you feel secure and confident in your financial landscape.

Based on the assets you own, a coach guides you through setting up a basic budget and gives common sense advice about how to trim your spending. A coach will also make suggestions on how to improve your spending habits and provides a space to discuss finances with no judgment.

Divorce coaches help you set financial goals

After divorce, you will be on your own, with a single income and a life to support. Your finances will look significantly different, and it will take planning in order to make this transition smoothly and to ensure you are not living beyond your means and can support yourself and your children, if you have them. A coach is a trusted resource to set clear and realistic financial goals for your future and work toward them slowly. This service is especially important for divorcees who have not been the primary wage earner or have not been the primary caretaker of the finances and bills for the household.

Divorce coaches help with career planning

All financial planning begins with income. It’s not uncommon for some parents to set careers aside to be a homemaker. But when divorce is on the horizon, that can be scary for those individuals. Divorcees who have been stay at home parents find themselves alone after divorce with no resume, no practical knowledge of the job market and no clue how to begin a career through the pain. No accountant or personal financial advisor is going to help you make career goals, search for jobs, apply to roles online, or create a resume. You deserve to be happy after divorce, and that includes building a career you love and managing the income you make well.

Divorce coaches can save you money

Divorce coaching itself can be a fiscally smart investment. When you hire an experienced coach, you are getting so many benefits beyond just emotional support. A coach can provide you with the administrative assistance and common-sense advice you need to face divorce without a team of expensive accounts, therapists, or litigators. They help you organize and take each step toward your future life with confidence and peace. This ability to navigate stress with a clear head on your shoulders helps you interact with an ex better and that can actually lead to reduced costs in other areas, like attorney fees or therapy.

Lindsey Sharp, founder of There’s Life After Divorce, helps clients from any location get the support they need to thrive. The financial considerations of divorce will greatly impact the quality of a future life, and you deserve to have the best support and advice to meet your goals. Contact us today to get started.