woman talking to coachIn this series, we focused on whether or not you should hire a divorce coach, and dive into what makes a divorce coach different and valuable. When facing a divorce, you may weigh a lot of different options and have to make some difficult choices, such as who to hire as an attorney, how to manage your finances, where you will go from here, and how to be a co-parent.

Divorce coaching is a very narrow service that services a very specific, but necessary, purpose. One thing that someone undoubtedly needs during a divorce is emotional support. You’re not going to find emotional support from an attorney, accountant, or even a therapist sometimes, who can be somewhat clinical. Having a divorce coach who is there for you to vent, to discuss life decisions and to give practical advice, can be what makes or breaks your life during and after a divorce.

In this series, we answered the following questions:

What is a divorce coach?
Even when you have an attorney or a therapist, who is helping you with your emotional needs? With life? Your therapist doesn’t focus on all your important paperwork and help you make life goals or discuss a parenting plan. Your attorney isn’t paid to listen to your emotional vent sessions when you feel sad or stressed. You need someone who is there for you during this process, whose goal is to help you, support you and advise you through the personal process of divorce.

By hiring a divorce coach, you can gain access and help with things like understanding the logistics of divorce, goal setting , financial planning and career considerations. Beyond that, the emotional support you get will be beneficial to you and will alleviate any additional stress on friends and family.

Should I hire a divorce coach online?
With an online divorce coach, you can ensure that you have someone trusted to help you as you navigate the emotional storm of divorce and also gain convenience by having the ability to access your divorce coach online. Having a divorce coach who is online provides flexibility for your busy schedule, a safe online outlet, and provides security. You have a place to go to discuss personal issues and vent, knowing that that information will be secure and not gossiped about.

Is a divorce coach worth it?

Hiring a divorce coach is not only emotionally beneficial, but also can be financially helpful, as well. It really can provide for an optimized divorce experience, fast-tracking you out of the situation by knowing what you want and mitigating painfully unnecessary situations. In terms of legal counsel, having a divorce coach who helps you to map out your future enables the divorcee to develop a set of very clear and specific needs and wants.Having a divorce coach can also minimize the need for an attorney if a divorce coach can help you navigate conflict with their soon-to-be ex and help make quicker, better and more amicable decisions. Finally, hiring a divorce coach provides a safe and healthy outlet for the emotional releases and life planning that needs to happen if you want to find happiness and stability after divorce. You only have one chance to get through this divorce, so it’s worth it to invest in yourself and your future.

What are the benefits of a divorce coach package?

The packages that are offered by Sharp Divorce Coaching are designed to align to the divorce journey. You can access couples counseling, for those couples who want to work together to prevent divorce. If you feel divorce may be on your horizon, pre-divorce consideration coaching can help you determine if you are ready for divorce or if there is a chance for reconciliation. Divorce coaching helps you navigate the divorce process, while co-parenting coaching works with you and your significant other to set aside your differences and work together for the best interest of your children.

When you engage in more than one of these packages, you not only get a better return on your investment, but you also can experience a long-term benefit of consistent help and coaching.

About Sharp Divorce Coaching

With experience as a family law attorney and real life experience through divorce, Lindsey Sharp can provide practical advice and the emotional and administrative help you need to find the best life you can after your divorce. The goal is to face divorce confidently, navigate it with wisdom and come out of the other side a happier and healthier person, with as much smoothness as possible for yourself and your family.

Sharp Divorce Coaching provides useful services that run the gamut of the divorce process. From pre-divorce consideration to divorce coaching and co-parenting coaching, you can make sure that you are poised to have the least painful divorce experience possible and take control of your situation.

If you feel like one of the coaching services may meet your needs, please contact Sharp Divorce Coaching to begin your free consultation.