How A Divorce Coach Helps Individuals Who Are Going Through Divorce

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This is my first post in my series “Understanding How A Divorce Coach Can Help You.” My last post series discussed what the five stages of divorce are, with particular attention paid to the divorce anger stage. In this post I will be discussing how a Divorce Coach generally helps individuals who are going through divorce.

A Divorce Coach Saves You Money on Legal Fees

As a divorce attorney in Melbourne, Florida, I receive a lot of communications whether in the form of phone calls, messages through our exclusive client portal, or emails from clients with a lot to say and talk about, but only a fraction of it is actual legal advice or legal strategy. An overwhelming majority of the communication need my clients have is actually a desire for emotional support and encouragement that they “did the right thing.” I don’t mind discussing those types of topics. I enjoy talking to my clients. However, I’m also respectful of my client’s money. I currently bill at $300 per hour pro rated into 6 minute increments like most attorneys in the Brevard County, Florida area. As a Divorce Coach, I charge far less than that. Working with a Divorce Coach allows you to focus your attorney conversation on just the pertinent legal issue. Instead of a 45 minute phone call with a divorce attorney at $240, a 1 hour phone call with a divorce coach may only cost you $150 – a $90 savings. Built over the course of a month, the savings could be $360 assuming the client is calling the attorney weekly. Over the life of a typical contested divorce taking say 20 months, that’s a $7,200 savings! I guarantee you that if I walked up to you and handed you $7,200 you’d feel like you won the lottery! Think of the much needed post divorce vacation you could take with $7,200! Suddenly, your post divorce Facebook page just now took on new life!

A Divorce Coach Guides You To Get Through The 5 Stages of Divorce

A Divorce Coach will guide you through the five stages of divorce thoroughly, yet efficiently. Every individual going through divorce needs to pass through the five stages of divorce. In my opinion, your successful divorce outcome is 100% dependent upon your reaching these divorce milestones doing the work needed to transfer to the next stage. Note that in my blog series on the five stages of divorce, I note that these stages are not linear and progression will often include regression at times because our brains are not just factory assembly lines. A Divorce Coach is prepared to help you through each stage and coach you to understand your divorce and how to rebuild your life going forward. Your Divorce Coach holds you accountable just like a personal fitness trainer. We want you as our client to achieve your divorce outcomes and we are ready to coach you!

A Divorce Coach Helps You To Focus on the Right Advice

A Divorce Coach gives you the right advice. Your friends and family mean well. But the strategy that worked for them emotionally to leave their former spouse behind may not have been healthy and that’s assuming they had a conscious strategy to begin with. Most of us think we know what’s best for us, but our thoughts can stem from our unconscious mind. A Divorce Coach will show you that certain thoughts and behaviors may not serve your desired outcome. Similar to a personal trainer who may show you how eating certain foods is not in your best interests to achieve weight loss. You may have thought a certain food was okay because you thought it was healthy. However, your personal trainer has knowledge that is different from your own thoughts and assumptions and can guide you to success based on what they know works.

Do not assume that a Divorce Coach is out of reach, too expensive, or frivolous. You deserve to invest in yourself to prevent you from making mistakes that cost you money, cost you time, cost you a good outcome. Contact Sharp Divorce Coaching today and learn how we can help you during this difficult time. 


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Divorce is much more than a legal matter to you and your family. We understand this intimately and would be honored to provide you with direction, emotional support, and an unbiased opinion to help you come up with a game plan.

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