invest in yourselfIn the storm of divorce, it’s hard to know the first steps to take and how to take each step, in order, with confidence. Sometimes you aren’t even sure how you will find the energy to make it through each day, let alone manage your emotions and find success in life after divorce. You may think to yourself, “I wish I could have someone with experience help me figure it out.” Well, you can.

By hiring a divorce coach, you can find experienced guidance as you make important decisions like where you and your children (if you have children) will live, how to share the news of your divorce with friends and family, and how to stay organized as you take each step.

There are a number of benefits that make hiring a divorce coach well worth it, including:

Creating an Optimized Divorce Experience

When you are in the process of getting a divorce, or considering a divorce, having a divorce coach can really optimize the rest of the process. For example, if a divorcee is also seeking help from a therapist, they will likely find more success in that area because they have the support of the divorce coach and a solution-focused mindset that will position them to overcome their trials with greater ease.

In terms of legal counsel, having a divorce coach who helps you to map out your future enables the divorcee to develop a set of very clear and specific needs and wants. With this, the attorney can be quicker to take action against that plan which makes the process smoother, but also saves the divorcee in billable legal hours.

Cost Savings

Having a divorce coach can also minimize the need for an attorney if a divorce coach can help you navigate conflict with their soon-to-be ex and help make quicker, better and more amicable decisions. It provides emotional support, along with administrative organization and planning advice that helps not only reduce the need for excess litigation, but is also experienced in helping you process feelings that lawyers are typically not interested in.

If you are facing divorce and don’t stay organized and have a plan for your desires, your soon-to-be ex may end up with more assets than you. If you are too emotional to think clearly, you may lose out financially and give up certain monies, valuables or properties that are owed to you.

Avoiding Excess Drama

The last thing that you need while navigating through a divorce is increased conflict or drama, especially if you have children who may see or overhear those encounters. Many divorcing couples who argue frequently or have poor co-parenting practices look back and wish they could have a stronger role model and support for their children (and themselves) in those moments.

Hiring a divorce coach provides a safe and healthy outlet for the emotional releases and life planning that needs to happen if you want to find happiness and stability after divorce. You only have one chance to get through this divorce, so it’s worth it to invest in yourself and your future.

Removing Administrative Hassle

There is plenty on your mind when you are facing a divorce. You are forced to consider things like finances, career options, parenting plans, dating, goal setting, and locating/collecting all your paperwork and being sure that you are orderly and prepared to protect yourself and your interests. And that’s all on top of your regularly scheduled life happenings, such as work, school events, family member interactions, and more.

If there is one area that it is nice to have support for, it’s the “chore” of divorce, having someone help you stay organized and alleviate the stress. This will allow you to focus more on caring for yourself and your family during this time and less time worrying about the next step to take.

Providing Emotional Self-Care

Every divorce is different, and they are not always amicable. A divorce coach helps to provide what lawyers and even clinical therapists cannot. You will have an outlet just for you, that is only centered around you. With divorce coaching, you will find a shoulder to lean on, the stress relief you need, and provide sensible guidance to help you avoid poor decisions. They also can deliver care during times that other professionals can or will not. For example, before and after important hearings, they can play a valuable role as a sounding board and someone who can encourage you to remain calm.

Divorce is meant to be temporary, but it can sometimes impact someone’s life negatively for months or years to come. When you have a proper emotional outlet like a divorce coach, you can start building your new life before you are even finalized in your divorce. You can create a safe space for yourself, a better outcome for your children, and move on with your life when the divorce is final.

After a divorce coach walks this path with you, the emotional benefits don’t end. From there, you can learn to self-coach. Having a divorce coach doesn’t just help you survive a divorce, it helps you thrive after the fact through the actionable and sensible processes that you will learn from your coach.

If you are looking for benefits like these, Sharp Divorce Coaching is here to help you. Reach out to us to get started with a free consultation to determine the services that will best suit your unique situation.