parents disagreeing in front of childDivorce is not only a deeply difficult experience, it leads to having to learn a completely different way of life. For parents who divorce, it means having to navigate the difficulties of raising children with a person who is no longer a life partner. Understandably, this process has both emotional challenges as well as logistical ones. In this series I will be discussing common issues that I frequently coach newly divorced parents through.

It is difficult enough for two parents to manage work, children’s school and activity schedules, and any additional activities the parents may have. Schedule management can become at best hard to work out, and at worst, contentious when two parents separate. In this series, I will address the top four aspects that most newly single parents struggle with:

  • Having and sticking to a custody schedule
  • Maintaining communication with a co-parent regarding upcoming schedules
  • Utilizing and taking advantage of time when children are with their co-parent
  • Preparing and planning for holidays, birthdays, and vacations

I am writing a series on this topic because in my experience as both a divorce coach and a family law attorney, I frequently see former couples struggle to adjust. If couples are not able to create a “new normal” for their family, it can lead to returning to court and racking up costly attorney fees. This creates stress for the children and makes it difficult for everyone to move on. But if parents can learn the tools necessary to deal with their ex and create a stable environment for their children, it will save time, money, and aggravation.

As a parental coach, I assist my clients with navigating the difficulties of establishing a new routine. I provide an objective ear to listen to the complaints and problems that inevitably arise when working out a new schedule. I also remind my clients of the importance of sharing additions and changes to both children and parent schedules. I also help parents learn how to appreciate and take advantage of their “solo” time when children are away. As an attorney, I can also discuss when the situation is crossing into territory which may require you to retain a lawyer in your area.

Sharp Divorce Coaching is a virtual service that is available to newly or long term separated parents throughout the United States. Contact us today to discuss if the service is right for you.