Divorce decreeThis is a series I will be writing that will discuss various topics related to determining if a spouse is ready to file for divorce. The decision to end a marriage is not something that should be taken lightly; when two people are married, they merge their lives together and it can take a great deal of work to untangle this merger. My upcoming series will help spouses make a checklist of sorts of issues they should consider prior to filing for divorce.

Whether your marriage lasted decades, or only a short time, the chances are that drastic changes will occur once you separate from your spouse. Prior to meeting with an attorney, it is a good idea for a husband or wife to consider what they will need in order to move from living with another person to living on their own. Issues that they should consider include:

  • Why they want a divorce and if they have truly considered the reason they are unhappy
  • If they are financially stable and how they will support themselves
  • If there is abuse in the relationship, they need to consider their safety and have a well thought out exit plan
  • If either spouse has health conditions, then they must consider the impact the divorce will have on health insurance, and any treatment or caretaker issues that are relevant
  • If the marriage produced children, then the filing spouse should consider what an ideal co-parenting and custody arrangement would look like
  • Is it a good time to file?

These are all topics that a man or woman should carefully consider prior to filing for divorce. Once someone formally asks their spouse to separate, chaos can ensue fairly quickly. Feelings are hurt, things can be said in the heat of the moment, and it is very easy to get swept up in the emotional fallout. By logically making a plan regarding what one’s immediate needs are, and what a loose long-term plan will look like, the filer is prepared to stick to their guns and leave the relationship no matter what.

Pre-divorce coaching is a service that assists with considering all of your bases. Pre-divorce coaching is not counseling and it is not legal advice. I assist my clients with creating a checklist of things they need to look at, or complete, prior to filing for divorce. This is meant to give them the reassurance that once they ask their spouse to separate, they have a plan in place that they can fall back on and begin to execute. They have considered why they are asking for a divorce and can articulate it clearly. And they have the emotional support, financial means, and time to deal with what comes next.

I am a divorce coach who assists my clients with determining if they are ready to take the next step and contact an attorney. All coaching sessions are virtual, and I work with clients all over the United States. If you believe you would benefit from pre-divorce coaching, contact me today to set up an appointment.