Unhappy coupleDivorce is hard. It’s one of those life events that can completely destroy your mental, emotional and physical state. There are many people who may not have many close friends or family, or feel like they are burdening them with their divorce woes. But that doesn’t mean that anyone needs to walk through divorce alone.

When you are faced with divorce or you are even in the process of considering the end of a marriage, divorce coaching may be beneficial for you. Working with a coach can deliver the emotional and administrative support you need during a time when you may not be thinking clearly or are overwhelmed by the grief or onslaught of paperwork, tasks, and hassle.

Divorce coaching is a very niche service, but is also extremely helpful during those trying times. If you can’t face your situation with a clear mind or are not sure where to start, you could easily end up having a more difficult time than necessary. This series is going to help readers understand the concept of divorce coaching and if it may be a good option for their current situation.

This series will help you answer the following questions:

What is Divorce Coaching?

Divorce coaching is not the same as therapy or legal counsel. Coaching provides support service for the area that is usually the most neglected during the end of a marriage – life. When you are going through a divorce, you still have a life to live. You still have bills to pay, papers to organize, meetings and hearings to attend, and children and/or a household to manage. Life doesn’t stop, so it’s easy for those administrative items to fall through the cracks or for those awaiting the end of a case to neglect their own needs in order to meet the needs of others.

Divorce coaching provides a listening ear for all those necessary venting sessions. It also provides guidance to help map out your life after divorce with a goal of making the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family.

Coaching can come in the form of various services, so be sure to check out the first installment of this series to unpack all those different options.

Should I hire a divorce coach online?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s taught us that many services that used to be offered only in person can easily and efficiently be offered in a virtual setting, as well. This makes access to essential divorce support easy and more affordable. It can be done via phone or Zoom, on the go or at home.

The other benefit of online divorce coaching is that it provides a healthier outlet for divorce support than other platforms, including online dating sites or chat rooms. Those online mediums for support create many opportunities for fraud, theft, and deceit. If and when you want to date online, having a divorce coach helps you compartmentalize the divorce and focus on just dating when you’re dating.

Is a divorce coach worth it?

Every divorce is different, and it’s not always amicable. Lawyers are there to represent you in court. Therapists are there to help you clinically. A divorce coach provides what they can’t, and that’s emotional support, guidance, advice, and encouragement. A divorce coach is an advocate for the happiness of the divorcee and their children, if they have them. It is also beneficial because it amplifies success in other areas.

If the divorcee is also seeking help from a therapist, they will likely find more success in that area because they have the support of the divorce coach and a solution-focused mindset that will position them to overcome their trials with greater ease.

In terms of legal counsel, having a divorce coach who helps you to map out your future enables the divorcee to develop a set of very clear and specific needs and wants. With this, the attorney can be quicker to take action against that plan which makes the process smoother, but also saves the divorcee in billable legal hours.

What are the benefits of divorce coach packages?

Sharp Divorce Coaching offers packages that make the entire process seem more manageable. From pre-divorce consideration, couples coaching, divorce support, and co-parenting training, divorce coach packages allow divorcees to take each step of their situation as it comes and not get overwhelmed on their own. Our team understands the divorce process and what challenges will be upcoming, based on your specific situation. Having a package will save you money in the long run and will ensure that you extract the most value from your divorce coaching experience.

If you are going through the end of a marriage or believe you may soon, and you need support during this time, you could benefit from some practical advice. Our team is backed with legal knowledge and years of experience navigating divorce. You don’t have to walk this journey alone.

Contact us today for your complimentary assessment call to see if divorce coaching is right for you.