The Five Stages of Divorce Grieving – Acceptance

Welcome to my final installment in this series on the five stage of divorce grieving. We have spent the last few months discussing denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and now we will talk about acceptance. A Divorce Coach should be working with a divorce client to walk them through these stages. As a Divorce Coach in Melbourne, Florida, I spend a lot of time with my clients to ascertain which stage my client is in so that I can understand how best and how long it will take to attain acceptance. So why is acceptance so important?

Once we accept that an event is happening or has happened, we can now heal and move on. Of course, by accepting a situation, does not mean that we desire the situation. In fact, it’s quiet normal to regret the situations that life brings. However, we are no longer resistant to our situation. The energy that was spent fighting against reality can now be spent with re-examining our lives and just moving on. 

Acceptance also does not mean that we still won’t feel sad or mad at times that the event happened. Of course, we will feel sad or angry at unfortunate life circumstances. But, the days get easier. With time, the unfortunate event, in this case divorce, will no longer permeate all of our minds throughout the day. In fact, a few days may go by before we think about our divorce. How long it takes to get over a divorce is entirely dependent on how we shifted through these five stages of divorce grieving. When I’m asked how long it takes to get over a divorce, I always answer with it depends and the length of time is different for everyone. 

The worst outcome is to remain bitter or depressed, essentially stuck in a divorce grief stage. The anger will eat at you over time. It will age you and frankly, the anger will repel the good people in your life. Depression can get worse. I see a lot of people and clients who turn to alcohol to cope with depression. It’s very sad to see someone 10 years after a divorce polish off two bottles of wine or a 12-pack of beer nightly as a coping mechanism for loneliness and depression. 

Acceptance is there waiting for you once you have put in the work. A good Divorce Coach will work with you to support your goals and help you reach this stage quicker. Nothing in life is better than feeling at peace with an unfortunate life circumstance such as divorce. Let’s do this together!

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