The Four Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalypse . . . Age Appropriate

Welcome to my second post in the series “The Four Horsemen to Avoid an Apocalypse . . . Age Appropriate.” To review my first post, click here 

In this post, I’ll discuss the evidence based, heavily researched and analyzed, studied for many years, scientifically determined and empirically measured minimal age to marry that correlates to a successful long-term marriage. As it turns out, the minimal age for marital bliss is likely within +- 10% of the age your mother and grandmother would have suggested all along. Drum roll . . . the magic number is 28!

Surprised? I wasn’t either. I’m guessing everyone over the age of 40 knows that age 28 is the ideal time for marriage. So, why 28 as opposed to 23?

By age 28, most of us had completed our educations, moved cross-country for our jobs, established a rich and interesting dating history, and simply just grew up. At 28, we’ve had 7 good years of partying and other hedonistic pursuits. In short, by age 28, we’ve lived selfishly and narcissistically enough to know that we are ready for the selfless act of marriage. 

Most marriages with younger brides and grooms will be challenged with competing interests. One spouse may not want to move to Omaha for the other spouse’s job or to finish or earn a degree. The resentment from one spouse to another’s act of self-interest can build over time and cause a significant fracture in a marriage. 

Another point is that by marrying after you’ve had a rich and interesting dating history allows you to know what you want and don’t want in a marriage partner. Unfortunately, to know what we are seeking in a spouse, we have to have had a solid foundation of heartbreak. We learn about ourselves when we experience pain in our love life. 

Of course, there are exceptions to every general rule. I’m sure there have been successful, long-term marriages when the spouses married at age 19. There is something to be said about marrying young and it is that the marriage itself can mature a spouse. 

Bottom-line, it’s easier to build a life with a partner after you’ve experienced some life on your own. 

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