spouses with backs to each otherYour husband came home and asked you for a divorce. Your wife served you with divorce papers at work. You discovered an affair. You simply have drifted apart for years and years. No matter what the situation, navigating divorce is difficult and can be emotionally and physically exhausting.

Even when you have an attorney or a therapist, who is helping you with your divorce? With life? Your therapist isn’t going to help you gather all your important paperwork and help you make life goals or discuss a parenting plan. Your attorney is not going to listen to your emotional vent sessions when you feel sad or stressed. You need someone who is there for you during this process, whose goal is to help you, support you and advise you through the personal process of divorce.

Many people have loving extended families and friends who truly care about them. However, it may not always be easy or the best idea to unpack all your personal or intimate details with that network of people, or you worry about burdening them with your problems constantly because they, too, have busy lives. That’s where a divorce coach comes in.

What is a divorce coach?

Let’s start by identifying what divorce coaching is not. It’s not legal guidance, financial planning, or licensed therapy. A divorce coach is a mentor and support person for all the areas of life that are not taken care of by attorneys, therapists, or accountants. It’s all about being a listening ear, a gentle guide and a helpful administrator to navigate the rough waters of divorce.

When you’re trying to process the reality of divorce and its impacts on you and your children, if you have them, it can be a lot to deal with. Coping with a devastating loss can be exhausting and can lead to a stunted ability to make sound decisions. It’s been reported that it can take people an average of 5 years[1] to recover from a major life loss, including the fracturing of their family as it exists today.

By hiring a divorce coach, you can help to trim that down and get back to life quicker and with more stability. Divorce coaching services help you with:

  • Understanding logistics of divorce
  • Goal setting
  • Financial planning
  • Paperwork administration and organization
  • Career planning
  • Decision-Making Processes
  • Emotional Support

What divorce coaching services does Sharp Divorce Coaching offer?

Divorce is a journey. As such, there are stepping stones to get you to your final destination, with a few zig zags across the pond, depending on your unique needs. Sharp Divorce Coaching offers the following:

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching is not couples therapy.  Instead, it is to help those who want to prevent divorce or feel divorce may be something that happens in their future, based on a variety of reasons. This service helps couples to determine areas of contention and how to sensibly avoid them and mitigate them before they become a true threat to the marriage.

Pre-Divorce Exploration

If you are married, but aren’t totally sure if divorce is right for you, our pre-divorce exploration allows you the opportunity to explore the reason behind the divorce and determine if it is saveable. If it might be, a hop back to counseling may be in order. If not, then divorce coaching would be the natural next step.

Divorce Coaching & Support

When the decision to divorce is final, whether from your side or your spouse’s, divorce coaching may be the support service you need to remain stable through this tough time. With a heavy focus on administrative needs and emotional support, divorce coaching helps you set clear goals and focus on the life you want after divorce.

Co-parenting Coaching

For those divorce coaching clients with children, we highly recommend co-parenting coaching, even if the other parent refuses the service. Because the truth is that children from divorced parents can be happy and well-adjusted, but only if their parents make choices that support their needs. We can help you learn to coexist peacefully with your ex-spouse and keep your children’s best interests at heart.

About The Business

Family law attorney Lindsey Sharp noticed throughout her practice that there was a significant gap in the divorce process: daily lifestyle support for those who are experiencing the stressful and trying months or years that divorce can deliver.

Combining her legal background and personal experience with divorce, Lindsey founded Sharp Divorce Coaching as a way to fortify the weak spots in the divorce process, creating a journey that is as manageable as possible during a time of grief and turmoil.

Having a virtual option allows Lindsey to help those experiencing the trauma of divorce all over the country. If you think that divorce coaching would benefit your wellbeing, contact us today for your complimentary assessment call.

[1]The Energy Levels of Grief accessed at Huffington Post