woman feeling liberatedOver the past several months, this blog series has focused on the many ways that a divorce coach will guide you and benefit you through what will undoubtedly be one of the most challenging experiences of your life – a divorce. Life is made up of many different facets, and the ripples of divorce affect each and every one of those aspects differently. Each installment discussed an aspect of life that will benefit from the expert guidance of a divorce coach. Simply click one of the subject titles below to be taken to the article.

Financial Preparation

Divorce coaching provides the financial decision-making guidance you need in order to have the most stability after the divorce is final. The services a divorce coach provides are more unique than those of an accountant or financial planner. A coach focuses on smart and sensible day-to-day decisions that will prepare you as best as possible for your life after divorce.

This comes in the form of helping you determine how you’ll earn money, how to divide and manage expenses, and how to plan for saving and to make a financial future for yourself.

Custody and Co-parenting Concerns

When you have kids and are also going through a divorce, the situation becomes more delicate and volatile. Kids are affected just as much by divorce as their parents. They have to face serious life changes including having multiple homes, changing schools, missing other parents when they are separated and facing excess conflict and stress. Studies have found that divorce affects children emotionally, mentally, and even physically.

Having a divorce coach by your side before, during, and after divorce is the best way to ensure that as you take each necessary step through this difficult time, that you are supported, advised, and guided in the direction that will be best for you and your children.

Dating & Remarriage Considerations

Making poor choices when entering the dating scene post-divorce will only lead to a greater likelihood that you will be part of that negative statistic. Further, 32% of people (and 78% of women) begin dating before they are even legally divorced.

A divorce coach will help you take each step toward dating, and possible re-marriage, by being a listening ear and a source of objective advice. You can know that your private emotions and information will remain secure with a divorce coach. A divorce coach will also help temper urges to cope unhealthily and make decisions that are stable and best for you and your family.

Emotional Stress

Divorce isn’t easy, obviously. Many divorcees try to be strong and face their divorce without any emotional support. This is unhealthy; you can’t ignore your own grieving and emotional processing. This will likely lead to more issues post-divorce for yourself.

Emotional stress, although seemingly invisible, can rear its head in some tangible and physically visible ways. Some signs[1] that you may be suffering from emotional stress are sleep issues, weight fluctuations, temper struggles, unexplained physical pains, fatigue, and more. As you navigate divorce, you will need support.

A divorce coach is a source of emotional support that you can’t find in a lawyer, a judge, an accountant, or even a clinical psychiatrist. A divorce coach also provides a place to vent in an environment that is trusted, safe, and judgment-free. You can’t thrive through a divorce if you put yourself last; a divorce coach will help you balance your own needs while navigating the process.

Interacting With an Ex

It would be easier if every divorce was a clean break, but many times that is just not the reality. Sometimes divorcees have to live in the same home until housing determinations are made. The truth is, if you didn’t have conflict in your marriage, you would likely still be married. And the conflict you did have will follow you into your post-marriage relationship unless you find a way to interact with your ex civilly.

Sometimes exes can be annoying, harassing, or even dangerous. It can be difficult to have even basic planning conversations with them without it erupting into an argument. A divorce coach helps you change behavior patterns so that you can release emotions to them and face interactions with an ex with poise, focused, on the task at hand.

Facing Burnout

It’s easy to get burned out during a divorce. Divorcees balance so many competing priorities, from a career and children to attorney and court appointments, it’s easy to wear out quickly. This is not beneficial to your well-being or to your pending divorce. Many times, a strategy for your soon-to-be ex is to wear you down so that you give up, give in, and they get their way. A divorce coach will help you temper your burnout with self-care and refocus priorities onto yourself.

Sharp Divorce Coaching is here to help you face divorce with confidence and have the happiest life possible when the dust settles. Founder Lindsey Sharp has years of experience as a family attorney and has seen the many ways divorce can be different and can affect individuals and families for years to come. Her goal is to give clients the tools and support they need to get through a divorce with as little damage as possible and to thrive moving forward. There is life after divorce, and you deserve to enjoy it.


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